The Creamery

The Creamery was built in 1899 so farmers would have a place to sell their milk and the public a place to purchase dairy products. In time, about 200 farmers were bringing their milk to the Creamery. The farmer was paid based both on the poundage and the butterfat content of his milk. Much of the cream separated from the milk was made into butter in the steam-driven 375 gallon butter churn. This butter was often shipped to New York City where there was a large market for sweet (unsalted) butter.


The Creamery Co. was sold to the Best Ice Cream Co. in Syracuse in 1918 and ice cream mix and condensed milk were added to the product mix. The remaining skim milk was shipped to Union Springs where it was made into cottage cheese.

In 1948 the Borden Milk Co. bought the plant but closed it a year later in 1949. After that it became a storage facility for a local farm implement dealer. In 1989 he turned the building over to the Village of Skaneateles which then agreed to lease it to the Historical Society.

Renovations began in 1990 and efforts to restore it to its original look were undertaken.