The Skaneateles Historical Society was formed on March 22, 1961, when an initial meeting that was attended by 48 residents was held in Library Hall. For the first six years, meetings were held in the high school cafeteria. Beginning in 1967, the Society began to meet at St. Mary’s Hall. On March 22, 1982, the Society moved to meeting rooms in the Town Hall on Jordan Street.

On March 29, 1968, the Skaneateles Historical Society was granted a charter by the State of New York Education Department, “incorporating Marian S. Holben, Alzina C. Loveless, Catharine R. Barnes, Julia L. Dowling, and Maurice F. Baumgartner and their associates and successors as an educational corporation under the corporate name of The Skaneateles Historical Society…to study, research, exhibit, preserve and promote whatever may relate to the history of the township of Skaneateles.”

The Society eventually began to search for a permanent home. Some places considered were a baggage car from the Skaneateles Short Line Railroad, the Harvey house at the corner of East Genesee St. and East Lake Rd., and the old Grand Union building. In 1989, an opportunity was offered to the Society to take over the former Skaneateles Creamery Co. building at 28 Hannum St. The members voted in favor of this project, and with the help of the community, it opened in 1992 as the permanent home of the Skaneateles Historical Society.